Have January blues still got you stuck in a rut ? You’re definitely not the only one.

Did you know that studies have shown that the way you decorate your home can actually have very real affect on your mood. This is especially prevalent in winter, when sunlight and lack of warmth can make many of us feel really down in the dumps.  

However, sometimes all it takes is a little feng shui or some small new additions to your surroundings to inspire you and have a positive impact on your frame of mind.  Obviously going through a whole re-style is not always feasible or affordable  however often all you actually need to transform and enhance a room are a few well placed cushions.


Leave the dreary British winter behind and open up your home to a little bit of spring this February. Our floral design, silk fronted cushions perfectly encapsulate the picturesque British countryside and will brighten up any living or bedroom, transforming your house into a beautifully curated story. 

They come in four prints; Eve, Midnight, Rose and Anemone. Each print is inspired by British poetry and being created by textile designer Stevie Woolven has it’s own unique production story. To help you remember the poem that inspired the designs, the name of the poem and the poet is sewn onto each cushion. 


Our cushions are a creative and modern update for any countryside cottage and will certainly add a personalised, unique refresh to your surroundings. Furthermore, the cushions are made from 95% silk by hand in Wales and have an 100% Cotton Velvet back which makes them the perfect everyday luxury. 

Designs Inspired By Poetry


cushion-eve-British-made-everyday-luxury-silk-stephieann-Britain-inspired-by-poetry-textile-floral-design-heritage-creativityEve is part of ‘That Tender Light’ Collection which is inspired by Lord Byron’s poem ‘She Walks In Beauty’. The prints beautifully encapsulate the juxtaposition of innocence & darkness portrayed in the poetry.  

To create the print Stephie suspended white flowers and dripped black ink in a glass bowl full of water. She then recorded the results through drawings and photographs. Using a combination of these she formed the final design.  

This bold, bright print is a luxurious statement piece. Not not only would this cushion add a gorgeous colour pop, purple tones are often thought to stimulate feelings of creativity and wisdom.



Midnight is also part of ‘That Tender Light’ Collection. The background of both Eve and Midnight was was created using a light trick called the Bokeh effect, the aesthetic quality of out of focus blur from photography.

Blue evokes an air of calmness and tranquility, the perfect colour choice if you’ve feeling a bit stressed or on edge. This gorgeous, bright, blue will add a breathe of fresh air to any piece of furniture that has lost its charm.






cushion-rose-British-made-everyday-luxury-silk-stephieann-Britain-inspired-by-poetry-textile-floral-design-heritage-creativityThe Rose cushion is part of the ‘Some Magic Rose’ collection and was inspired by the darker tones of Dylan Thomas’ writing. The prints were created . All the ‘Some Magic Rose’ pieces are are cut from a different section of a large scale print which means that they are a distinctive and individual addition to your home.  

Stephie froze flowers and created designs using intricate layers of oil paintwork, photographs and paintings which she then combined on Photoshop to create the prints. 

The Rose cushion encapsulates feelings of passion, romance and would be a perfect to update a double bed that’s become a but uninspiring. .




The Anemone print is part of the ‘Hammer Through Daisies’ collection which was inspired by ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ by Dylan Thomas. The poem explores the ways that love can overcome times of adversity and inspired by this, Stephie drew from a display of frozen flowers. She then shattered the flowers with a hammer, but the flowers still looked beautiful and she recorded the results and combined them in Photoshop.

This gorgeous, feminine print is bright and creative whilst still remaining subtle. It perfectly encapsulates the beauty of flowers and would be a fresh and positive update to any living room or bedroom.  It would also look amazing layered amongst purple and blue scatter cushions.


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