Call me old fashioned, but does anyone else get a thrill from writing in a beautifully designed notebook? Personally I would choose to hand writing my ideas over typing them into a smartphone any day. Creativity just seems to flow so much better with a pen gliding over a crisp page of a gorgeously designed notebook.

Our silk bound notebooks are both luxurious and practical. They come in a handbag sized A6, so are easily transportable for those moments when inspiration hits.

Furthermore, we want to be conscious however we can so our notebooks are made ethically and sustainably in India from StephieAnn cutoffs. The notebooks come in our unique Hellebore, Dawn and Viola prints – silk designs inspired by poetry. The poem also further inspire creativity with a quote from Lord Byron – She walk’s In Beauty embellishing the first page.

‘She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies’.


An exquisite notebook adds a touch of colour and fun to your everyday.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Notebooks Should Be a Staple Accessory in Everybody’s Life:

#1 Travel Diaries

Documenting travel experiences is such a great way to remember all the of the amazing things you did, situations you ended up in and moments you experienced. Take a quiet moment to do a little summary of each day, even if it’s just in bullet point form because no matter how adamant you are that you will remember, you probably won’t. It’s such a joy re-jogging your memory and looking back at what a great time you had.

#2 To Do Lists

Nothing makes you feel calmer and more ready to face the world than writing a to-do list. Laying out all of those niggling tasks that have been running around around your brain, is like a release and seeing it all neatly structured on the page makes life seem that little bit more manageable.

#3 Documentation

Notebooks are perfect for documenting everything from inspirational quotes, a delicious coffee bean you recently sampled, a shop you love and really want to remember to the name of a song you want to make sure you listen again to.

#4 Creative Happenings

Having a notebook available at all times is also essential for writing down lyrics, poetry and prose whenever inspiration hits, which as any creative person will know, is never at a convenient time. Also, it’s quite romantic, to write things down in a notebook rather than mind-numbingly thumbing them into your mobile phone!

Furthermore, it is the perfect portable canvas for drawings and sketches of anything that catches your eye. Or for the amateur artists, doodling is always fun and therapeutic.


For a unique hand-bag sized, piece of everyday luxury that will inspire creativity wherever you go invest in a beautifully designed notebook.


StephieAnn Silk Notebooks

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