Family is everything to me and so is looking after my loved ones as they get older. I spend a couple of afternoons a week with my Grandparents, helping care for them as they did for me when I was little. 
My Grandad is ‘a character’ and at 92, he’s got a lot of life in him. Most of the time we spend chatting about his gliding instructor career (give him 5 mins and he’ll whip out his log book), watching the pigeon’s (named by grandad Percy and Pricilla) or reminiscing about holidays together. He’s quite annoying sometimes, but also remarkable. 

3 things I’ve learnt from my Grandad…

  1. The greatest gift you can give is laughter 
  2. Appreciate beauty in absolutely everything 
  3. Never stop being curious 

20th June is Father’s Day. Here’s a little run down of gifts from StephieAnn…


Great quality and StephieAnn was able to make the strap slightly larger on my request. Really soft material, would definitely recommend..”

Charlotte ordered a StephieAnn Men’s Eye Mask >