This year I have two wonderful creative Christmas kits. The napkin kit uses a backstitch, satin stitch and french knots to create a super fun design. The crackers are particularly unique, they come with tubes made from recycled cardboard, perfect for filling with gifts. The crackers are a fantastic solution for a sustainable Christmas. If you’re looking for more eco-friendly ideas, fabric wrapping paper is great for multi use and this year I’m going to investigate ‘renting a Christmas tree’. Renting a tree is becoming increasingly popular with many local farmers offering to provide Christmas trees that can be either returned or collected to be re-planted in January.
StephieAnn Christmas Napkins hand embroidery kit
StephieAnn hand embroidery Christmas naplin sprouts
StephieAnn hand embroidery Christmas naplin Christmas pudding
StephieAnn hand embroidery Christmas naplin Christmas pudding
StephieAnn Embroidery Your Own Christmas Napkins

Christmas Napkins

My Afternoon Tea Embroidery Napkin Kit has been this year’s surprise best seller with over 50 kits sold in the run up to Mother’s Day and a steady trickle ever since. (You can read a StephieAnn customer’s blog on the craft kit here.) My next thought was Christmas and I started designing the kit in April, it was a challenge!

The set has 4 designs based around the Christmas table. At first I wanted to do a roast potato…but how on earth would I create that in embroidery?! I settled with a cracker, Christmas pudding, sprouts, cracker and candle. The sprouts were the biggest challenge. Between me and Mum, we sampled and redesigned the sprouts 4 times. We were nearly at the point of giving up when we attempted 1 last time.

Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers & Napkin Craft Kit
Initial Christmas Cracker Napkins StephieAnn
Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers & Napkin Craft Kit StephieAnn
Hand embroidered initials StephieAnn
StephieAnn embroidered Christmas crackers kit

Christmas Crackers

I really love this it, these crackers are 100% adorning the StephieAnn Christmas table. I wanted to create a kit that would be suitable for anyone – I promise, even if you have never picked up a needle before, you’ll be able to complete this kit. Reuseable crackers are becoming a ‘thing’, but they’re also quite expensive. This kit allows you to create beautiful handcrafted crackers that can be used year after year at a fraction of the cost. p.s…if you don’t fancy the making, I have some ready made ones available here too. 


I’m SO PROUD to already have one 5 star review on the napkin kit…

“Service excellent- presentation of the item first class, just as advertised. Looks lovely, top quality with everything needed to create a luxury item of hand crafting.”