Thinking back on this time last year is tricky. Not only because the thought…’we had no idea what was coming’ is terrifying but also because it was a really hard time for my family. (Read long hospital visits, two funerals and emergency caring within a four week period). 

Organising our family Christmas seemed impossible, especially when I was the busiest I’d ever been workwise.

So we came up with a system.

A system where we didn’t have to spend hours searching and buying pressies, we didn’t have to spend a fortune, everyone got something really special and it minimised stress at a really tough time.

We decided that each of the 6 members of our family would receive a total of 3 presents each, collectively from everyone.

We made a shared spreadsheet where everyone could enter gifts they’d like to receive. Over video call, we then decided what and who we would buy for, setting a budget of £100 per person, the total to be divided equally between us.

I loved it. Leading up to Christmas, it completely minimised effort allowing me to work hard while grieving and on the big day, I got three presents I really loved. A spice rack, herb garden and posh wine glasses.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing Christmas but…it worked for us. This year everyone is on a budget, worrying about what’s to come, so… the spreadsheet’s back again.


Here’s a few things that will make it onto our list…..


“I’ve purchased 5 StephieAnn embroidered hats, 3 for me 2 for gifts. The recipients were as delighted as I am. They are absolutely beautiful, soft & warm & the personal embroidery adds just that unique touch. It is done so perfect. I purchased a personalised silk eye mask from StephieAnn too. Again done to perfection and the quality is excellent. I will most definitely be back for Christmas gifts.””

Tracey order 5 StephieAnn Monogrammed Bobble Hat’s