Although the weather does seem to be improving, the days and nights can still be quite chilly. We all know there’s nothing more quintessentially British than walking around the house complaining about having cold feet. However, to help you all stay cosy during these wintry February evenings, we have brand new StephieAnn Alpaca wool bed socks!   Alpaca bed socks and eye maskAlpaca wool socks with rose print trim

The socks are sustainably made in Britain by J Alex Swift Ltd, a company that perfectly represents a history of quality British heritage. Established in 1895 by John Alexander Swift in the village of Hathern, Leicestershire they are one of the leading manufacturers of mohair and alpaca socks. The company continue to use traditional manufacturing techniques to create their beautifully crafted knitted socks.

Although alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years, Sir Titus Salt introduced alpaca wool into Britain around 1836. Garments made out of alpaca wool became so popular and were valued so highly during the Victorian era that they were bequeathed by families to their future generations.

Today, alpaca wool is still the perfect everyday luxury. Not only is the wool favoured for it’s durability and warmth, it is also renowned for it’s exceptional silky, softness.  Retailing at £22, our bed socks are definitely a pretty, piece of British heritage worth investing in.  



Alpaca luxury bed socks with viola print trim

Another amazing quality of alpaca wool is that it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool is less scratchy than sheep’s wool as the fibres are less scaly. Furthermore, unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca wool doesn’t contain lanolin, so our socks also work out as great gift for all the lovely people in your life with sensitive skin.   

Our socks are made with a combination of 90% alpaca wool and 10% nylon so are naturally warm and cosy. They are then finished off with a StephieAnn silk embellishment in both our anemone and viola prints.


Pretty little luxuries, which when combined with our StephieAnn lavender infused eye masks and our silk loungewear, will make every bed-time an event to look forward to no matter the weather outside.

Furthermore, their durability means that not only do they look lovely they will also survive any frantic running around the house, so theoretically you could live in them all day and all night. Plus, they are machine washable too!

Treat yourself to a piece of everyday, British luxury and leave the January blues well behind.

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