Although winter can seem never-ending, there’s lot’s to love about the season and plenty of winter survival tips to keep you going till Spring.

1. Keep cosy

During these chilly months theres nothing better than snuggling up with a good book, podcast, cupa and blanket. This year I’ve really enjoyed listening to podcast series, ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Lazarus Heist’ on BBC Sounds.

Keep Cosy With StephieAnn…

2. Make time for fresh air 

When it’s blowing a gale I do not want to go outside. But sometimes it’s the best remedy to blow the cobwebs and makes me feel awake and alive again.



Snap of me and Mum on a country walk, I’m wearing my cream with cream pom bobble hat >>>>>>>>



Warm bobble hat
3. Enjoy the fireworks

I adore fireworks and the 5th November is my favourite date on the calender! I love both firework events and even catching glimpses of them from my window. My Flame scarf and top is even inspired by fireworks!

4. Start a new hobby – embroidery kits 

Who doesn’t love a jigsaw in winter? Or even trying new skills like creative writing or hand embroidery. I’ve got a great collection of embroidery kits for absolute beginners to experienced stitchers.

There’s embroidery hoops, embroider your own top or sweatshirt and upcycle embroidery kits to embellish your favourite clothing with.

Your New Hobby?

5. Mulled wine! 

I think we can all agree, nothing say’s winter than a mug of hot wine!


“Brilliant selection of items, very original! StephieAnn’s men’s eye mask was perfect for our 12th wedding anniversary”

Linda ordered a Navy Eye Mask