I’m  addicted to designing new products and this one could do with your help. I’m really excited about it. It’s something I haven’t done before, a new product category that combines my love of fabric printing, design and embroidery.  Here’s some clue’s….

  • Do you like embroidery and crafts?

  • Would you like to learn embroidery?

  • Do you know anyone who’d love to try a new skill? (The mindful, put your feet up with a cuppa kinda skill).


Can you guess what it is?! But shhhhhhhhushhhh it’s our secret!


If you answered yes that’s me to any of the above, enter your name and email in the form below before Sunday 17th January. I’ll be picking 3 names out of a hat to help test drive my new product and will be in touch with what to expect. 


Thank you for everyone who entered added their name to test drive my new range. Unfortunately I had a hold up with a supplier but the project is now back on track and I should be ready to send out testers at the end of February. Thank you for bearing with me! 


If you’re interested in my new project, do pop your name and email in the box below to subscribe to the StephieAnn newsletter with all the latest details. 



I love embroidery... please pop my name in the hat!


Here’s a snapshot of my design process…

StephieAnn Bloom and Wild Christmas Gift
StephieAnn Christmas Gift Ideas
Sarah Fieldhouse-Parsons
Hat and Socks 2020 Embroidered square

Your help really does make my business thrive.

Here’s 3 More Free Ways to Support Small Business


Although technically it’s a New Year, it feels a bit….deja vu doesn’t it?!? Many small local businesses are survivors, but many crying out for support. I know, you know how to support small business, so here’s a reminder of 3 ways you can do this for free. 

1. Give the business a LIKE on social media and share their latest post 

2. Tell a friend – forward a newsletter from a business you really love… “Hi Sarah, thought of this when I saw you…”

3. If you purchased a gift for Christmas, why not email the business with a review, or post this straight onto Google.

In fact I’d LOVE to hear what you think of StephieAnn! If you’ve recently made a purchase online, ping me over an email with your feedback.  Elizabeth and Tess the dog did just that….


Beautiful soft fabric and a good fit. Liked the embroidery. Tess, the dog, pleased with product and felt she had spent her pocket money wisely.””

Elizabeth ordered StephieAnn’s Men’s Personalised Bamboo Socks