This year I’ve been (slowly) designing the first StephieAnn tote bag! I don’t usually share product developments when I’m in the initial stage but would love your feedback. The bag will probably be available in 2023 – or just before Christmas if I’m lucky! I’ve experimented a lot and it’s taking a few samples to get right. 

The idea

The outside will be plain fabric with a printed lining making the bag reversible. I’ll embroider personalised messaged and initials on the plain side

Sample #1

The first sample has gorgeous linen on the outside but it’s too floppy, I’m thinking it needs more shape? Maybe a thicker linen blend or hopsack? Does the plain side need a little colour so it’s not stark white? I’m still playing with the print and will probably develop two options. Although I LOVE the mountain print, it’s more of a summer bag so perhaps this isn’t the best choice. Lots of decisions to make! 
Sarah Fieldhouse-Parsons
Hat and Socks 2020 Embroidered square
StephieAnn Christmas Gift Ideas

Sample #2

The bag still requires some development, I’m not 100% happy. I’m thinking matching pink and blue zips or metallic ones would be better and a small size decrease to ensure the bag holds its shape. The pink colour has come out dodgy! The print out shows what I see on my screen but dye pigment takes to the fabric differently. The light grey shown in the photo has come out as bright pink and I’ll need to change the logo colours or background to make them stand out. So…hmmm…but getting there! 

StephieAnn Christmas Gift Ideas
StephieAnn Christmas Gift Ideas


Sometimes when I’m designing a product I create a ‘visualization’ or photoshop ‘mock up’ of what I’m aiming for.

 What do you think? I’d LOVE your feedback, please let me know using the contact box below. 


StephieAnn Review

The makeup bag looked exactly as the one in the picture and as described. Good quality too.”