We all know how essential getting enough sleep is to your mental health, physical health and just for having enough energy to function during a busy week.  However, no matter how tired we get, for many of us sleeping can be a struggle. Some struggle with falling asleep, some with staying asleep and some with both. It can be very frustrating at best, and at worst can have harmful affects on your well-being.

Many experts have strongly recommended using an eye-mask You may initially be wary of the idea, but they have so many benefits and can really make a difference to your quality of sleep. A lot of people associate eye masks with the cheep and cheerful freebies on airlines which are ill-fitting and usually made out of low quality scratchy nylon. A guaranteed bad experience, for anyone who attempts to sleep with one of these.


Rose luxury eye mask


The trick is to invest in a well made, good quality eye mask. Ours are made from 95% silk, which as a natural fibre is not only luxuriously soft to touch it is also cool and breathable. Furthermore, some people worry about the effect causing blocked pores and blemishes but StephieAnn eye masks are machine washable so really easy to keep clean.

Eye masks are a great sleep aid because they induce a state of pure darkness which is supposed to be the best environment for a good nights sleep as it encourages the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by your body that helps you sleep. Furthermore, they are especially for blocking out artificial light,  which is especially disruptive because it interferes with melatonin production causing restlessness. We line our eye masks with black silk satin to enhance sleep quality and they fit comfortably with a silk elastic strap.

Therefore, using an eye mask is especially beneficial if you’re a light sleeper, live in an urban area where their are street lights if you need to have a nap, and you don’t have black out curtains and could greatly improve your sleep quality.


StephieAnn Eye Mask

StephieAnn eye masks are also scented with lavender essential oils, a calming and relaxing fragrance that helps you wind down before bed and encourage a beautiful, deep sleep.

Ethically and sustainably made in Great Britain, our best selling eye masks come in our anemone, dawn, midnight, eve and viola prints, inspired by poetry and transferred onto silk. A sleep time essential, these eye masks make a unique and thoughtful gift for all the busy women out there.