Mother And Daughter Team

Not many people are in on this secret but StephieAnn is in-fact a mother and daughter business.  We never sat down and discussed it, or made a considered decision but it’s just worked out that my mum became my business partner.

I completed my textiles degree in 2013, aged 22 and the next year my mum and I just naturally fell into working with each other. The first few months flew by, planning and working out how we were going to achieve start what was originally a lingerie and nightwear business. I began designing prints inspired by poetry featuring my photography and mum sampled products on a home sewing machine whilst researching manufacturers.

We went through thick and thin together to get StephieAnn to where it is today, and with mother’s day on the horizon, I wanted to share some of those funny stories that only a mother and daughter team can experience.

Is This Too Baggy On The Crutch?

Together we have zilch training in technical fashion design. Therefore a whole lots of samples, toiles, drafts and rubbish products had to be created before we were 100% happy on the final fit of the garments. We’re constantly stripping off and trying samples on in front of each other, often spending weeks trying to work out why the crotch is baggy or bra cups too tight.



Taking Mum Into Business Meetings

I really lacked in confidence when I first began and mum was my secret weapon! Going along to my manufacturers for the first time was incredibly nerve wracking, but she was there to hold my hand before we went in. I was always afraid that people wouldn’t take me seriously because of my young age. Today, whenever there’s a phone call I’m putting off, she’s my gal!

Photoshoot Mayhem

Soon we started planning our first photo-shoot! This involved a vineyard, the local postmistress, two freezing models – a real village affair that saw mum holding up heaters to models derrieres, trying to get rid of goose pimples!

Bondage At Lingerie Fashion Week In New York

Mum and I have had so many adventures, many ending up in bizarre lingerie related situations. For example, when we’d progressed and took StephieAnn to the catwalk in New York, we ended up giggling all the way through another designer’s show that featured whips and handcuffs! Not the first activity that comes to mind when you think of Mother and daughter bonding time. 

What Would I Do Without My Mother?

From attending trade shows together, pulling all nighters on the sewing machine and visiting manufacturers side by side, she has supported me all the way and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Through StephieAnn my mum and I have attended events and had experiences we never dreamt we would. Through my experience with StephieAnn, I have learnt that there is nothing like working with your mother. Sometimes, family run businesses can be a bit of a struggle but I know I have unconditional support, someone who knows what I’m thinking and who is always there when it gets tough.

Does anyone else work alongside an an inspirational Mum? We’d love to hear some of your stories! Comment below or tweet us @StephieADesign