For a designer, personalisation can be daunting, sometimes annoying and very fun. Personalisation helped grow my business when it was struggling. When embroidering ‘Rochdale Trekkers’ on a pair of socks I wonder how I got there, but I can draw a direct line back to…


Personalised gifting allows you to create something truly meaningful. I hear the stories about why someone wants ‘I am a survivor’, for a friend getting through chemo, ‘Don’t Settle Petal’ for a niece going through a break-up or simply ‘My best friend’ for a girlfriend utterly loved and appreciated.


I now have three UK sock suppliers, with a range of alpaca, cashmere, bamboo and organic cotton socks to choose from.


I love particularly love my affirmation socks (perfect for self gifting!) where customers pick words to describe and inspired thier loved ones.  If I were to pick three words for me, I’d go for….Creative, Strong & Free.  What would you pick?!?!

Personalised socks for women StephieAnn

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