Set of 2 Calm Soul Lavender Bags


A wonderful gift this Mother’s Day, these lavender bags are inspired by Valerie Dohren’s poem, Calm Be The Soul.

The stunning set of two features Anemone’s and Clematis florals half submerged in milk representing the peace, serenity and calm of the poem. A verse of the poem is printed on the reverse.

Gift wrapped together with tissue and ribbon these lavender bags make lovely gifts for friends and family or two little gifts for friends, colleagues or grandchildren. Lavender bags make great gifts for keepsakes, to add to draws, keep underneath the pillow of even leave out on a coffee table.

StephieAnn lavender bags are made with British dried lavender. Each bag is filled to order to ensure the lavender is fresh.

Calm be the soul by Valerie Dohren

Calm be the soul
Full bathed in sunlight
Soft be the heart
That dwells on love
Still be the mind
That thinks of kindness
Bright be the eyes
That search above

Storing Your Lavender Bags

Dried lavender can last many years, however to keep the scent fresh store in a dry, dark, cool place. If giving lavender bags as a gift, keep the bags wrapped in tissue or an airlock bag until necessary.  Occasionally if left sitting too long, the lavender may appear musky at first. Before giving your gift, give the bags a good shake and this will instantly freshen up the scent. You can refresh any fading fragrance by adding lavender oil to the bags.

  • Size: approximately 13x13cm.
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Materials: 95% silk 5% elastaine
  • FREE UK Delivery: 2-3 days. Check our postage guide for worldwide shipping
  • Returns: exchange/refund 30 days from receiving goods

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