StephieAnn socks are fun, personalised, classic and unique making  great gifts for both men and women. Choose from a variety of colours and wools, perfect for brightening up your outfit as well as wearing to bed. The women’s bed socks are made with luxurious cashmere while the men’s are knitted with a great combination of bamboo and cotton. Design your own socks by mix and matching sock and embroidery colours to create a one of a kind gift for friends and family. The embroidery is completed by hand by Stephie using traditional techniques from her Sussex studio. Choose our fab phrase, I am Awesome or make up your own! 

Men’s Personalised Chunky Bamboo Socks Review – 15th June 2020


 These socks are for my dad for Father’s Day. They are lovely & soft and the embroidery is great, he will love them.