Since I started the brand from uni, the way I do business and the StephieAnn product range has changed a lot. What’s remained a constant is the woman sitting next to me stitching ‘You’re Awesome’ on a wheat bag. You may have met her at a fair, or seen her making an appearance on my Instagram stories… My Muma, Niki.

So what does Niki (Mum) do for StephieAnn?

  • Accounts:  Lately, she’s been getting the accounts up to date. I’m dyslexic, and hate numbers. They look like aztec patterns and generally make me sad. This is such a huge relief
  • Orders:  Mum gets stuck in with orders and we both have our product specialities. I do socks, custom messages and packing. If you order an eye mask, wheat bag or pyjamas embroidered with personalised initials, they’ll have likely been embroidered by Muma
  • Sampling:  All new products need sampling. Usually me and Mum chat through the design, colours and lettering before I hand this over to Mum. Mum both designed and sampled the embroidery for my new embroidery kits launching in late Spring
  • Business decisions:  We talk through everything from quantities of pyjamas to order, sourcing new suppliers and the direction of StephieAnn


  • Photography: Me & Mum have got a routine going here. We set up the location, camera, I pose, she clicks. She styles me, making sure my hair is not too out of control, my legs are positioned correct and everything is in shot. 
  • Support:  I’ll say it first… I’m needy and need support. Running the business has highs and lows. We both keep each other going with plenty of tea, music, podcasts and chat

What to get Mum for Mother’s Day, 14th March…


Mother’s Day coming up soon (14th March),  I haven’t worked out what I’ll get Muma yet, but I know she’ll be pampered.
Newly added to StephieAnn, you’ll find 3 new pamper letterbox and large gift boxes filled with eco and vegan friendly treats, all crafted in Britain.

New Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes. Pamper time for Busy Mums


“Excellent service! Stephie was super quick to reply to my messages and ensured delivery was swift. Loved the eco friendly packaging and items were lovely quality. Lovely gift for someone special.”

Dandy ordered a StephieAnn Rose Petal Relaxation Gift Box