Embroidery Stitch Craft Kits


StephieAnn embroidery kits all feature Stephie’s original  watercolour paintings printed onto cotton linen. Each kit has been carefully created to suit all experiences from beginner crafters to intermediate stitches and experienced embroiders. Embroidery is a relaxing, gentle hobby. Enjoy practicing  and learning new skills while creating a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

Embroiodery Kit Reviews


“StephieAnn’s stitch kit was very well explained and straightforward. I had never used an embroidery hoop so that was interesting and I made my kit into a lavender bag afterwards.  Really great listening to a podcast at the same time as sewing. The whole thing took me about an hour and a half to embroider and then about half an hour to make into something I would use.” Joanna – 5th April  2021


“I really enjoyed my StephieAnn embroidery kit and am loving the result! It gave me a chance for my brain to switch off for a while! Instructions were easy to follow, everything was included, the colours and materials were really nice quality. I’ve popped mine on the wall to appreciate.” Katherine – 13th May 2021