Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers & Napkin Craft Kit


A eco idea for the Christmas table, create handcrafted personalised reusable crackers with this fun craft kit. Made with 100% cotton linen, the crackers once unwrapped turn into napkins.


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The fabric is rolled around the tube creating a cracker and used afterwards as a napkin. Each cracker can be personalised with an initial in a different bright colour with matching gingham ribbon.
Learn to backstitch by tracing the letters onto soluble fabric, embroidering over this onto the fabric. The fabric is then rolled around the cracker roll and tied with ribbon. Please note, cracker does not have a snap or include or jokes - we'll leave you to create your own!
The handcrafted set is eco-friendly and helps reduce cracker and napkin waste at the Christmas table. The napkins can be machine washed.



Add extra crackers by selecting your additional quantity from the drop-down menu. Extra crackers added will firstly be with red ribbon and thread, then green, yellow and blue. Please send a message with your order if you have colour preferences on extra crackers.



Would you like to add gifts to fill your crackers? StephieAnn had a selction of women's, men's and kids bamboo socks, organic candles, bath salts and soaps and iron on patches, perfect for little gifts at the Christmas table. Please send a email to Stephie at for more infomation.
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Size: Approx 44 x 44cm. Embroidery sizes - approx 5-7cm square
  • Materials: 100% cotton linen
  • FREE UK Delivery: 2-3 days. Check our postage guide for worldwide shipping
  • Returns: exchange/refund 30 days from receiving goods


"StephieAnn's stitch kit was very well explained and straightforward. I had never used an embroidery hoop so that was interesting and I made my kit into a lavender bag afterwards.  Really great listening to a podcast at the same time as sewing. The whole thing took me about an hour and a half to embroider and then about half an hour to make into something I would use."  Joanna - 5th April  2021

"I really enjoyed my StephieAnn embroidery kit and am loving the result! It gave me a chance for my brain to switch off for a while! Instructions were easy to follow, everything was included, the colours and materials were really nice quality. I've popped mine on the wall to appreciate." Katherine - 13th May 2021

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