Hand Embroidery Craft Workshops Brighton and Hove


Stephie hosts hand embroidery workshops in Brighton, great for absolute beginners, novices and experts from the StephieAnn shop and studio in Hove – 87 Portland Road, Hove BN3 5DP

Our hand embroidery workshops are a perfect activity for hen parties, birthday parties and experiences for friends. Embroidery is a great skill to learn as well as a wonderful, mindful way to relax.

Upcoming Workshops

OctoberEmbroider & Make a Felt Lavender Bag. Saturday 7th Oct, 10.30am-1.30pm

> BOOK HERE – £35

OctoberEmbroider Your Own Personalised Cashmere Socks. Saturday 28th Oct, 10.30am-12.30pm

> BOOK HERE – £35

NovemberEmbroider Eco-Friendly Fabric Christmas Crackers. Thurs 9th Nov, 6.45-8.45pm

> BOOK HERE – £45

January Embroider ‘Afternoon Tea’ Linen Napkin Set. Saturday 20th Jan, 10.30am-1.30pm

> BOOK HERE – £47

February Embroider a ‘Birth Flower’ Cashmere Scarf. Saturday 3rd Feb, 10.30am-1.30pm

> BOOK HERE – £49

Stephie socks craft workshop class Brighton
StephieAnn shop hand embroidery sock workshop experience Brighton

Private Workshops:

Stephie can host private workshops for groups from 3-14 participants for birthday parties, hen parties and days out while visiting Brighton. Email Stephie with your preferred workshop, date, time and group size – info@stephieanndesign.co.uk. E-vouchers can be sent if giving as a gift.

Testimonial for StephieAnn Workshops

“I hadn’t done much embroidery before but I loved the sound of Stephie’s workshop to create my own personalised socks! Stephie was so patient and shared her tips and tricks with us in an easy to follow way. I’m amazed at how well my socks turned out given I had practically no experience! If you’re looking for a relaxed workshop where you leave with a new skill, I couldn’t recommend it more, thank you Stephie!” Shelley, 11th August 2023. 

Your Host: 

Stephie has a background in arts, crafts and product design, studying textile design Chelsea College of Art and Design, haute couture embroidery at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and traditional crafts in Romania. Stephie founded StephieAnn in 2014, personalising products with hand and machine embroidery. Since then, Stephie has embroidered over 5000 socks, sent to customers in the UK and worldwide.

Hand Embroider Personalised Cashmere Socks

 Embroider a pair of StephieAnn’s best selling cashmere bed socks! Take inspiration from our most popular phrase, ‘I am awesome’ or have fun inventing your own. Choose cream, pink and blue socks with a variety of embroidery colours. Socks suitable for vegans available on request.
You will learn: How to embroider clothing or accessories with words using a back stitch and lazy daisy flowers
Suitable for: Absolute, never embroidered before beginners. A great activity for hen and birthday parties. 12+
Length: 2 hours. The socks will be completed in the workshop ready to take home.
Price: £35 per person 
StephieAnn personalised custom hand embroidery socks workshop class activity
StephieAnn hand embroidery socks sewing workshop Hove Brighton
Hand embroidery class brighton hove StephieAnn
StephieAnn lazy daisy stitch sewing craft socks workshop

Hand Embroider ‘Afternoon Tea’ Linen Napkin Set 

Hand embroider a set of four unique linen napkins, perfect for gifts, to use at parties and for keepsakes. The napkin set features four designs created by Stephie. We will embroider the ‘cucumber sandwich’ learning all the  stitches used in the kit. If time, we will move onto the other napkins. Participants will then take home all materials and equipment needed to complete the kit at home.
You will learn: A variety of hand embroidery stitches, bullion knots, back stitch, lazy daisy and satin stitch. How to create a beautiful design that can be applied to clothing, accessories and homeware. How to work with an embroidery hoop. A thorough introduction to hand embroidery.
Suitable for: Beginners, intermediates and advance stitchers. A great refresher for those who haven’t hand embroidered in a while. Total newbies to hand embroidery welcome but previous stitching experience may help. Stephie can lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
Length: 3 hours 
Price: £47 per person 
Afternoon Tea Napkin Kit square
Afternoon tea embroidery workshop StephieAnn Brighton
Afternoon Tea Linen Napkin Embroidery Kit StephieAnn
StephieAnn jan jar afternoon tea napkin embroidery kit

Hand Embroider ‘Birth Flower’ Cashmere Scarf

Hand embroider a flower on a large, blanket sized cashmere scarf. Stephie has 12 floral embroidery designs, each representing a month of the year. Pick your birth flower or your favourite flower. We will start the embroidery during the workshop, you may complete the design during the time, or take all materials to complete at home. Pick from a variety of scarf colours, cream, pink, grey, blue or heather. A lovely workshop for birthday and hen parties to wear their creation on the wedding day and for years to come. The scarves are warm, cosy, easy to wear wrapped round or loose in the evening.
You will learn: How to embroider a floral design that can be applied to clothing and accessories. You will take home the instructions for all 12 flowers to embroider again. How to embroider using a hoop and create a beautiful design with a basic back stitch, stem stitch and a few bullion knots to add texture to your embroidery. Each floral design varies, some use only back stitch, others more complicated.
Suitable for: Absolute beginners, intermediates stitchers and expert crafters. We will learn a simple, easy to pick up stitches and a few embellishment stitches. A perfect refresher for those who haven’t stitched or crafted in a while. Stephie can lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. 12+
Length: 3 hours
Group size: 4+
Price: £49 per person
StephieAnn Birth flower scarf embroidery workshop Brighton
StephieAnn birth flower Water Lily embroidery
Afternoon Tea Linen Napkin Embroidery Kit StephieAnn
StephieAnn hand embroidered birth flowers
StephieAnn pink cashmere scarf

Hand Embroider a Felt Lavender Bag

Hand embroider a felt lavender bag with a floral lavender design, a lovely keepsake, wedding favour, gift and perfect for keeping your clothes fresh! The felt square will be ready for you to embroider with the design. Once you’ve finished embroidering we will start sewing together the bag with a blanket stitch, then fill the bag with organic British lavender.
You will learn: How to make a lavender bag without using a sewing machine. How to embroider lavender flowers with a backstitch, chain stitch and a blanket stitch. A great introduction to hand embroidery and different stitches to use in other projects.
Suitable for: Beginners with an interest in craft. Stephie can lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. 12+
Length: 2 – 2.5 hours. We will aim to complete the workshop, if not, you will go home with everything you need and instructions on how to complete it in your own time.
Price: £35 per person
Stephieann make and hand embroider a lavender bag workshop Brighton
StephieAnn dried lavender bag embroidery workshop Brighton
StephieAnn lavender bag hand embroidery workshop brighton
StephieAnn make a lavender bag workshop Brighton hove

Embroider an Eco-Friendly Fabric Christmas Cracker Set

Get festive with this fun reusable Christmas cracker set. Personalise four linen fabric squares with initials that wrap around a StephieAnn cardboard tube to create crackers and turn into napkins afterwards! Additional crackers can be purchased during or ahead of the class for £8 each
You will learn: How to personalise fabric with initials using a back stitch – the fundamental embroidery stitch. How to wrap fabric crackers.
Suitable for: Total newbies to embroidery. Anyone with an interest in craft. 12+
Length: 2 hours. We will aim to complete all four crackers, if not, you will go home with everything you need and instructions on how to complete it in your own time.
Price: £45 per person
StephieAnn embroidered Christmas crackers kit
Initial Christmas Cracker Napkins StephieAnn
Hand embroidered initials StephieAnn
Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers & Napkin Craft Kit StephieAnn

To book:

Click on the links at the top of the page to book set dates. For private bookings, email Stephie at info@stephieanndesign.co.uk with your prefered date and time.