Summer in the UK this year has been…debatable. It’s August, but it feels like Autumn and the amount of wooly hat orders I’ve received are telling! But, being British, we’re going to suck it up and make the most of it. Here’s some must have summer accessories for a day out…

StephieAnn Picnic gift list Swheat water bottle
This water bottle is made from plant based material. With innovative design it is plastic and toxic free with a clip handle – perfect for taking with you on a dog walk or day trip.

Swheat Water Bottle – £25

StephieAnn pink tote bag Brighton

Our tote bags are perfect for a summer day out, hand luggage and fitting everything (except the kitchen sink) in! Even better – they’re reversible so you can match with any outfit.  

Pink Marble Tote Bag – £39 

StephieAnn What to buy for summer Jonnys sister

Designed and made in Somerset, this gorgeous hand embroidered blanket steals the show in any picnic.

Jonny’s Sister Picnic Blanket – £58

Peony Silk Scarf StephieAnn

StephieAnn silk scarves are back! My peony design is a mash up of my favourite summer prints in a new longer size.

Peony Silk Scarf – £45

StephieAnn Picnic gift list The happy place cutlery

Entirely made from bamboo, this cutlery set includes everything you should ever need for the perfect picnic – knife, fork, spoo, chopsticks, drinking straw and even a straw cleaner. 

Happy Place Things Cutlery – £9.99

StephieAnn Funky Welly Boots Summer List

In the UK, Welly boots are made for all seasons. I’d love to wear these with jeans or even a full skirt and snuggly jumper. 

Funky Wellington Boots – £45

StephieAnn Summer Accessories Kapdaa

Bum bags and fanny packs are officially back. This stunning design is made entirely from offcuts, sustainable and trendy. 

Kapdaa Offcut Company – £30

StephieAnn Summer beach picnic Dock and Bay

Great for rolling up small and slinging in a bag. I am absolutely loving the peach and teal colours of this beach ready towel. 

Dock & Bay – £28

Packing for the unexpected… because you never know what to expect

Floral umbrella StephieAnn summer accessories

Anuschka works with local artisans in India to create exquisite accessories featuring beautiful hand paintings alongside hand crafted techniques. I’m sure you can see why I love this umbrella! 

Anuschka Umbrella – £40

StephieAnn large bobble cashmere hat

This summer I’ve had record breaking sales of my wooly cashmere hats! Is it August or October?!

Cashmere Hats – £35

Gifts for Big Birthdays…

Pyjama Review – 2nd July 2023

“Great quality items. Quick delivery and wonderful customer service. Definitely will buy again.”