Embroider Your Own Personalised Cashmere Socks Workshop


Embroider a pair of StephieAnn’s best selling cashmere bed socks! Take inspiration from our most popular phrase, ‘I am awesome’ or have fun inventing your own. Perfect for beginners, ages 13+, group size – 6.

Saturday 28th October 2023, 10.30am – 12.30pm
StephieAnn, 87 Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DP


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This craft workshop is perfect for those totally new to hand embroidery as well as those wanting to recap or enjoy creating something special. During the two hours we'll aim to complete the socks ready for you to take home. If we run out of time, extra thread and instructions will be provided to complete at your own pace.
          In this workshop, you will learn a fundamental, easy to pick up embroidery stitch as well as the lazy daisy - a fun decorative technique, plus loads of top tips and trade secrets. Both stitches can be used time again for different projects.
Stephie has lots of inspiration to help choose your words. It's helpful if you come to the workshop with some idea of what you would like to embroider.
          As a guide:
Never embroidered before = up to 10 letters
Some embroidery experience = 10-15 letters
Good embroidery experience = max 20 letters
          The socks are made from a soft, warm and cosy cashmere wool blend making them great to wear in bed or around the house. Have fun choosing your coloured socks and embroidery thread. Sock colours - pink, cream, blue. Vegan options are available on request.
Tea, coffee and soft drink refreshments will be provided.
          Get in touch for private workshops requests and any questions info@stephieanndesign.co.uk




"I really enjoyed this class, Stephie is so attentive and it was very easy to follow her instructions. We even had time to do some lazy daisy flower stitches which was an added bonus. The socks are beautifully soft and being able to learn how to personalise them has made them extra special." Kat, August 2023


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