Ready Made Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers & Napkins


Our eco-friendly Christmas crackers make fantastic additions to your festive decor. The set of four crackers come personalised with initials, made from linen, they turn into napkins after opening.


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Elevate your Christmas table with these exquisite heirloom Christmas crackers designed for year-after-year enjoyment. This set of four is adorned with personalised hand-embroidered initials, crafted using traditional techniques. Designed for convenience and gifting, the set is elegantly packaged in a protective gift box made from recycled card. Made from cotton linen fabric, and once the crackers are opened, they transform into charming table napkins.

Each cracker is uniquely personalised with a single initial, showcased in a vibrant hue that matches a coordinating gingham ribbon. Please provide the initials in this format: A, B, C, D. The order of embroidery follows the colors Red (e.g., A), Green (e.g., B), Yellow (e.g., C), and Blue (e.g., D), all in uppercase. If you desire additional crackers, you can easily add them to your order.

This cracker set isn an eco-conscious choice, contributing to a reduction in cracker and napkin waste. The napkins are machine washable, ensuring long-lasting utility. While these crackers don't contain the traditional "snap" or jokes, we encourage you to unleash your creativity and add your own festive surprises.

Make your Christmas celebration more sustainable and special with our Reusable Linen Fabric Cracker and Napkin Set, personalised just for you.



Add extra crackers by selecting your additional quantity from the drop-down menu. Extra crackers added will firstly be with red ribbon and thread, then green, yellow and blue. Please send a message with your order if you have colour preferences on extra crackers.



Would you like to add gifts to fill your crackers? StephieAnn had a selction of women's, men's and kids bamboo socks, organic candles, bath salts and soaps and iron on patches, perfect for little gifts at the Christmas table. Please send a email to Stephie at for more infomation.
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Size: Approx 44 x 44cm. Embroidery sizes - approx 5-7cm square
  • Materials: 100% cotton linen
  • FREE UK Delivery: 2-3 days. Check our postage guide for worldwide shipping
  • Returns: exchange/refund 30 days from receiving goods


"Beautiful product and excellent service." 31st August 2023.

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