Silk Designs by Stephie

StephieAnn silk designs are beautifully creative and truly one of a kind. After studying at Chelsea College of Art in 2013, Stephie founded StephieAnn with her creative print designs inspired by poetry. Each print tells a romantic story through artwork printed onto silk. Inspiration comes from Dylan Thomas, Lord Byron, Charlotte Bronte and Maya Angelou. Products include silk tops, nightwear and scarves with small sections of print featured in StephieAnn’s best selling silk eye masks and lavender bags. 

Silk Eye Mask Review – 22nd May 2020 


This is the most beautifully made eye mask I have ever purchased. The fabric and strap is so lush and it’s very comfortable. So many masks come with a bulky strap and when you sleep on a pillow at night you can feel the strap. Not with this mask. I’m planning on purchasing another.