Why I love this embroidery stitch kit, guest post by a StephieAnn Design repeat customer

Tea cup embroidery
StephieAnn Afternoon Tea Embroidery kit
StephieAnn Design Embroidery stitch kit
I’ve been a very happy StephieAnn Design customer for a few years now and have bought some lovely gifts for friends and family. Some of those gifts have included men’s eye mask and letterbox gift sets, personalised socks, and stitch kit gift sets.

All have been a huge hit and well loved.

For Mother’s Day this year my kids gave me a StephieAnn Afternoon Tea Linen Napkin Embroidery Kit – something quite different to what they might normally find to give me.

It has been the perfect gift in so many ways.

And I’m still enjoying it!

Here are my top 5 favourite things about this gift:

1. A new creative challenge! I’m not skilled in any type of needle craft and although, as many mothers might say, I’ve done my fair share of mending, altering and costume making (very home made), I’ve never had the time or inclination to try embroidery before now. It’s been a fun new challenge which I am enjoying immensely.

2. It has absolutely everything you need. This original creative embroidery kit comes complete with all of the pieces needed including detailed instructions to create a set of lovely linen napkins. It even comes with a handy see-through bag to keep the thread and needle in and store all of the bits when you’re not working on it.

3. It’s incredibly cute. Instead of traditional spools, the thread is supplied wrapped around 5 individual wooden mini-clothes pegs which are adorable. It’s these thoughtful special touches that makes StephieAnn products stand out and gives that all important added value.

4. Easy to learn. The instructions include step-by-step photos and written instructions so I was able to easily learn how to embroider, even as a complete beginner.

5. A set of 4 lovely linen napkins. Once I’ve embroidered them all (I’ve done two so far), I will have a new set of napkins which I can use for myself or I can give as a gift.

StephieAnn Design Afternoon Tea Embroidery kit
Guest post by Meghan.