In a world where self-expression is celebrated, birth flowers offer something wonderfully unique, enchanting, personalised and above all – exquisite, elegant and delicate flowers.

What Are Birth Flower Months?

Birth flowers, much like birthstones, are associated with specific months and carry special meanings that resonate with the qualities and characteristics of individuals born in those months. From January to December, each month boasts its own beautiful bloom, embodying sentiments that range from love and wisdom to creativity and resilience.

January – Carnation: Devotion

For those born in January, Carnations represent admiration, love, and devotion. Adorn yourself with Carnation-themed accessories to reflect your warm-hearted and sincere nature.

StephieAnn Carnation birth flower January

February – Violet: Happiness

There are over 500 species of Violets, all stemming from the Viola family.
Violets can be found in biblical stories, notably when the Angel Gabriel visits Mary to tell her of Jesus’ birth. Violets then blossomed as a sign that Gebriel was watching over and protecting Mary. 

StephieAnn violets birth flower months

March – Daffodil: New Beginnings

March heralds the arrival of spring, and its birth flower, the Daffodil, symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings.

StephieAnn Daffodil Birth Flower March

April – Daisy: Innocence

Egyptians grew daisies in their gardens for herbal remedies and in Old English, daisies used to be called ‘day’s eye’ because the petals would close over its yellow centre at night and re-open during the day. This is where the term, ‘fresh as a daisy’ comes from.

Birth flower cashmere wool daisy hat

May – Lily of the Valley: Sweetness

It’s said that the beautiful Lily of the Valley was created from Eve’s tears in the garden in Eden and the Victorians saw Lily of the Valley to represent a return to happiness. Another legend tells of a Lily of the Valley falling in love with a Nightingale’s song, only booming when the bird returned to the woods in May.

Lily of the valley birth flower StephieAnn workshop

May – Rose: Love

June’s birth flower, the timeless Rose, carries meanings of love, beauty, and passion.

Birth flower cashmere wool daisy hat

July – Waterlily: Pleasure

Buddhists believe Water Lilies represent enlightenment with the flowers emerging from muddy ground. In ancient Greece, Water Lilies were a symbol of nymphs, a beautiful spirit that lived in water. Water Lilies symbolise pleasure and wellness.

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August – Poppy: Remembrance

In Greek mythology, the poppy flower is associated with Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams. Assyrians thanked the flower for its nourishment to the soil, calling the Poppy, ‘daughter of the fields’ a symbol of life and fertility. Poppies symbolise remembrance and imagination.

StephieAnn poppy August birth flower

September – Aster: Wisdom

The name Aster comes from the Greek word, astéri meaning star and the flower has its roots in ancient Greek culture. It was believed that Aster flowers were created by tears from the Goddess Astraea. Astraea was looking into the sky, and cried at the lack of stars. Her tears fell to the ground making shapes of stars. Asters symbolise wisdom and purity.

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October – Marigold: Strength

The name Marigold comes from early Christians placing the vibrant yellow and orange flower at the feet of the Virgin Mary when they didn’t have enough gold…Mary’s gold. Marigolds are also linked to the sun and have the nickname, ‘herb of the sun’. Marigolds symbolise joy and strength.

Birth flower bed socks StephieAnn Marigold October birthday

November – Chrysanthemum: Friendship

Chrysanthemums are known for their healing properties in China and Japan as well as a long life. Chrysanthemum wine is drunk in China on the ninth day of the ninth month for peace, health and old age. Chrysanthemums symbolise friendship and royalty.

chrysanthemum November birth flower StephieAnn

December – Holly: Optimism

In Celtic mythology, the Holly tree represents the magic of dark winter months. For centuries a Holly wreath was worn as a crown by Celtic chieftains for good luck and guarding against evil spirits. The Holly Tree symbolises protection and optimism.

Birth flower cashmere wool daisy hat

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