There’s nothing quite like the joy of receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, why not bring some eco-friendly flair to your Christmas gift wrapping this year? At StephieAnn, we’re all about spreading holiday cheer while being mindful of our planet. On all StephieAnn products, you can choose for your gift to be either floral or festive wrapped featuring a beautiful technique created by Stephie. I’m going to show you show our top tips as well as some DIY eco-friendly gift wrap ideas to inspire you – I guarantee, your gifts will stand out from the crowd under the tree.

StephieAnn festive wrapping pressed ivy

How To Festive Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap The StephieAnn Way:

StephieAnn Ivy for festive christmas gift wrap ideas

Look for natural decorations from the garden. I use ivy to add texture. It dries really well, flat, and lasts a long time. Other ideas include, rosemary, pine sprigs, and even dried hydrangeas, especially when picked from late October – December when they’re red.

Pressing leaves Ivy StephieAnn

Separate the ivy into 30cm lengths, cutting away any bad leaves. Lay these between sheets of kitchen towel in a heavy book.

Pressing Ivy leaves gift wrapping StephieAnn

Place the book somewhere dry for a couple of weeks – airing cupboards are perfect, underneath heavy weights.

Eco-friendly pressed ivy leaf gift wrap StephieAnn Design

Use standard pritt stick glue to lightly stick your leaf or flower decoration to the wrapping paper. 

How To Festive Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap The StephieAnn Way:

Use simple craft paper to wrap your gifts. We use eco-friendly recycled white paper to make the ivy stand out with red baker string, perfect for achieving that festive Christmas look! Brown paper and twine also looks great.

Floral eco-friendly gift wrapping StephieAnn

Using non-printed recycled plain craft paper can look quite boring – this is never the case with StephieAnn floral gift wrap. Use pressed flowers with your craft paper to add colour to your gifts – so much better and unique than plastic decorations! Here I’ve used a blue, Nigella flower, purple hydrangea, yellow buttercup and white chamomile. 

StephieAnn eco-friendly postage

At StephieAnn when sending an order I keep up our environmentally friendly ethos by using recycled cardboard and padding out the boxes with second-use recycled materials from my own deliveries. 

Fabric Wrapping Inspiration

There’s so many alternative creative ways to eco-friendly wrap your gifts.

Furoshiki is the Japanese art of fabric wrapping, is a sustainable way to wrap your presents by reducing waste. You can use scarves, tea towels, or any large pieces of fabric you have lying around.

Fabric Gift wrapping Ideas StephieAnn
Fabric Gift wrapping Inspiration StephieAnn

Newspapers, Magazine, Old Paper, Maps

Newspaper or old maps make excellent eco-friendly wrapping materials. Not only are they readily available, but they also lend a vintage and unique look to your gifts. Customise your gift wrap by highlighting relevant articles or locations, and top it off with a simple twine or ribbon bow.

Recycled Paper gift wrap idea inspiration StephieAnn

Vintage Ribbons

Old second hand ribbons look fantastic wrapped around environmentally friendly craft paper. These can be easily picked up at charity shops or old sewing cupboards! I use them at StephieAnn to make orders extra special. 

StephieAnn Vintage ribbon gift wrap ideas

This Christmas, we’re celebrating with eco-friendly elegance! All StephieAnn products can be gift wrapped featuring craft paper, natural flower and leaf decoration, and cotton string, packaged with recycled materials. Perfect for those wanting to enjoy the festive season in style while reducing waste and avoiding plastic.

Match your eco-wrapping with a selection of eco-friendly StephieAnn gifts. Here’s our top picks –

StephieAnn embroidered Christmas crackers kit

Shop StephieAnn’s ready-made, fabric Christmas crackers. These crackers feature recycles cardboard tubes with strong cotton linen, designed to last for years to come. Once opened they transform into napkins for your Christmas table. Available online here.

StephieAnn Pink Bamboo Pyjamas

Our pyjamas are environmentally friendly, made with bamboo fibre. Bamboo is a highly renewable and sustainable resource, requiring minimal water and no pesticides to grow. You can shop the bamboo nightwear range here.

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StephieAnn gift boxes featuring items all made in the UK, helping reduce the carbon for transportation. Our bath and body products all use natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Discover the collections here.

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