I’m Stephie, Put me down as a textile designer, a gal who loves fabric. You’ll find me working away from my gorgeous studio in Hove, Sussex where I design, create and pack your orders. 


StephieAnn started back in 2013 when I graduated from Art College. There wasn’t a whole lot of career’s advice and in my heart, I new I wasn’t cut out for the fashion industry. So I got out my sewing machine and began sewing and selling knickers at Spitalfields market every weekend. StephieAnn evolved over the years and I’m so proud excited and honoured that I get to hand embroider personalised gifts for my living with the name my Muma calls me, StephieAnn, above the door.


StephieAnn has two ranges. My signature silk print designs inspired by poetry and a collection of personalised hand embroidered gifts. 

Stephie Founder of StephieAnn
StephieAnn pressed flower gift wrap