I’m going to sit back and let my best friend and my Mum tell you about her favourite StephieAnn gifts for this Mother’s Day…

StephieAnn Mother's Day

1. Afternoon Tea Embroidery Kit 

Mum say’s: 

“Very sweet, looks so good. I enjoyed designing this, I particularly like the cucumber sandwich, because it looks funky.”

Afternoon Tea Linen Napkin Embroidery Kit StephieAnn
Initial Couple Gift Socks

2. Makeup Bag With Beauty Products Gift Set

Mum say’s:

“Very proud of the makeup bags. Something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

Stephie’s developing another product right now and I think I’m going to love those as much as I love the makeup bags.”

Makeup Bag Gift With Tealights, Bath Salts And Cocoa Butter Cream
Personalised floral makeupbag

3. Silk Scarf 

Mum say’s:

“I love the silk scarves. I always have – I have my favourites, the Rose in particular because that’s one of the first designs Stephie did. They’re original and fun.”

StephieAnn Rose Silk Scarf
StephieAnn Rose Silk Scarf

4. Mummy & Me Home Pamper Gift Set

Mum say’s: 

I love a scent candle and never enough moisturiser. Candles lift the mood, my favourite scent is Nutmeg, it’s not too sweet.”

Mummy and Me Gift Set
StephieAnn Ivy Silk Scarf

5. Personalised Bed Socks 

Mum say’s: 

“I have found that a good cashmere sock does keep your feet warm, and I get very cold feet. Especially in bed. Socks are part of StephieAnn in a way we never thought possible. Who knew socks would be the turning point.”

Awesome Bed Sock
StephieAnn hand embroidering Awesome socks


“Made in a jiffy but with the utmost attention to detail. This was such a beautifully personalised gift which was a joy both to give and receive.”


And Mum also says: “Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is on Sunday March 27th!”

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